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Ryan William Muir is a new filmmaker currently studying a Bachelor of Film and Television (Hons) at Swinburne University of Technology. Having already directed a few student short films and undergone two full time work placements – as a production intern and videographer respectively – he is eagerly looking forward to continuing his work in the film and tv industry. 

Ryan’s ultimate career goal is to combine a passion for filmmaking with practical experience to write and direct his own feature films. 


And lessons learned from films so far.

Without Water

A resilient crop-farmer endeavours to preserve his land, legacy and way of life in the face of Australia’s ongoing ‘big dry’.

Lessons from Directing:

My biggest lesson from this project has been the importance of managing the tension between achieving the vision of the film whilst also ensuring that my key creatives are all able to collaborate and add their talent to the project; especially in something as comparatively un-predictable as an observational documentary. I had extensive shot lists, treatments and beat sheets mapped out from pre-interviews but if I had not listened to my cinematographer on the day (for example) some fantastic shots would have been missed. I feel it important to remember that film is collaborative not dictatorial and whilst the director must always make the final decisions (and they must make them) it’s essential to always listen to the talented people you’re working with. 

Short Documentary, Swinburne University of Technology | 2019

2 out of 10 minutes available due to festival restrictions

Official selection 2019 Environmental Film Festival

Directed by Ryan William Muir

Produced by Rachel Chen

Cinematography by Ollie Manton

Colour by Ollie Manton

Editing by Laurence LaRosa

Sound by Laurence LaRosa

Score by Alexandrea Ward



Craig Prescott 

Will Prescott



Rotten Apple

A young man endeavours against a violent horde to acquire the latest and greatest phone: the Pear.

Written and Directed by Ryan William Muir – created as part of a Bachelor of Film and Tv (Year 1).

Lessons from Directing:

This was created with a budget of $0 for a first year film school assignment, but I feel its simplicity is essential to keep in mind. The most challenging part of this project was to figure out a story that could be told in ninety-seconds and then told without spending any money. In the end I settled on a simple there-and-back again structure which allowed me a clear three acts to build my narrative on. From there I found two locations that could pass for a house and store respectively and got a group of friends together to act. This film taught me the resourcefulness of low-budget filmmaking and how much can be done with so little. So, despite it’s flaws, I am proud of this little film as a starting point for my film education. 



Check out Vimeo for other projects.


A short video detailing the Swinburne VCAL ‘Young Mum’s program and their innovative approach to learning: opening their own small skincare business ‘Mummafly’.

Directed, shot and edited by Ryan Muir – as part of a work placement with Swinburne’s Transforming Learning Team.


An Update from Mish Eastman

A short interview detailing Swinburne PAVE’s progress in implementing their bold Transforming Learning initiative.

Directed and edited by Ryan Muir. Created as part of a Bachelor of Film and Tv.

Transforming Learning Highlight Reel

A short highlight reel showcasing Swinburne PAVE’s Transforming Learning team in action at Swinburne’s professional development session, Croydon 2019.

Directed, shot and edited by Ryan Muir – as part of a work placement with Swinburne’s Transforming Learning Team.

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